Timeless Chair Designs for Vintage and Contemporary Interior

A series 7 chair is a modern design classic of the 1950s. Along with the Eames chairs, this chair carries forward the modernist movement of the Bauhaus and Miles Van der Rohe into the post-war period. The emphasis was on function. Form follows function and more with less were the two guiding principals of this movement. This chair was designed by Arne Jacobson, a Danish architect and designer.

Like Charles and Eames from America, Arne Jacobon was interested in using modern materials such as plywood in furniture design. This series 7 chair came about through a new process of forming plywood in three dimensions. But it was something quite separate that also help catapult this series 7 chair into major prominence as a design icon. Christina Keeler, a lady of a certain background posing naked on a series 7 chair in 1963. She was part of the Profumo Affairthat lead to the end of the then Conservative Government of Harold Macmillan. This image helped to kick start the swinging 60’s in the UK.

Series 7 Chairs on Offer

There are a number of series 7 chairs available. Looking at one version in particular:

  • Blue Series 7 Chair: This keeps the butterfly design of the 3107 chair in blue. As with the original, this is made from one piece of molded plywood. The four legs are made from chromed metal with four rubber bungs at each end in order to protect floors. An added feature to the general ergonomic design of this chair is that they are easily stackable.

All in all, there are up to 16 different colours available for each of these series 7 chairs, including brown leather and grey.

Vintage Barcelona Chair

With a Vintage Barcelona chair, you are going back to the roots of the modernist movement. This chair was designed by the great modernist architect and designer Miles van der Rohe and Lilly Reich, a specialist in textiles. The chair was first exhibited at the Barcelona International Exposition of 1929.

The original legs were lap jointed together then bolted, but it was redesigned in 1950. The legs were then made from welded stainless steel which resulted in a very smooth end result. Bovine leather replaced pigskin. Again, this chair is a blend of the developments in material technology and minimalist design. There are two Barcelona Chairs on offer. One in black leather and the other in Cognac Brown Leather.

Another interesting point is that modern post-war designs and manufacturing are based around mass production techniques, not craft based. Therefore, in the original chair the leather straps were needed to support the chair structure whereas now they are an aid to comfort.

Tolix Stool

The origins of the Tolix Stool go back to 1934. Again this has a lot to do with developments in material technology. Xavier Pauchard from France?pioneered the use of galvanising metals. He set up Tolix in 1927 and went on to develop a range of robust, rust proof, stackable and very functional furniture items.

There is also a Tolix stool in silver available in the market today. This is produced using a high grade of sheet steel and is light weight. It is lacquered producing a gloss finish that adds to its overall aesthetic quality.

All these design classics are as relevant now as they were when they were first produced. Visit?http://www.metrofurniture.co.uk/chairs/series-7-dining-chairs.html for more details on various vintage chairs available at affordable rates.

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