Well Designed Course to Get a C 3 Certificate for Aged Care

Aged care is an important career option in todays context in Australia and in many other countries as well. One of the main reasons is that old people are living longer, and the governments have also stepped in to provide funds and to pave the way for the aged being taken care. The care is given to the aged in a structured manner, with a medical professional making periodical visits and then a professionally supervisor handling a set of aged people and then a care taker minding individual person or a couple. To prepare this last category of caregivers, there is a training programme and a certificate issued. This Cert 3 aged care course is offered by approved institutions in Australia and can benefit the men and women who successfully obtain this certificate.

A Well Structured Course

The aged care course has all it needs to make the student undergoing the course to be fully prepared to take up the job of a caregiver. The broad perspective is given to the students about the general status of the aged people, what kind of illnesses they may or may not be already suffering from and also the types of diseases they are prone to contract. Therefore, the students are introduced to the aspects of Dementia, Alzheimers and other similar conditions and the care given to them.

The course will run for a period of a year and will also comprise 120 hours of focused training in a work placement environment so that the student might not only get to observe how such care is provided to the aged, but also get a few opportunities to do it themselves.

The assessment of the students during the course is also done objectively by the institute and based on the points scored through the various tests, presentations and other assessments, the Cert 3 aged care is issued.

Career Options

The students who undergo this course and come out successfully can hope to receive employment offers from day 1. The way it works is that the aged are being taken care of in different settings. One is that they continue to live where they are but a caregiver is sent to their homes to take care of them through the day. The caregiver may help them with their day to day activities with some assistance here and there. Some may want the caregiver to read the days newspaper for them or some others might want them to write something.

In another setting, the aged could be living in an old age care centre where a number of old men and women would be staying. There could be a mix of healthy and not so healthy individuals and they all have to be cared for.

The job of a caregiver is important and they have already been adequately prepared for it by their Cert 3 aged care. Many private organisations pay them good compensation, and they can make it a career if they so choose to. A lot of it has also to do with the sense of service to humanity at large.

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