Why You Should Start Eating Welsh Pork

Rural Wales is the setting of very ethical pig farming that stretches back several generations. Pig farming is a unique tradition that is passed down the generations in the families and that means? even the recent trends towards the commercialization of pig farming has not sunk this tradition. There are many factors that make Welsh pork one of the finest in the world. One of the most important is the climate and the landscape which is conducive for pork farming.

Good Climate for Great Quality Pork

While the climate makes it an ideal? place to breed pigs, there is also the expertise of the Welsh pork farmers. Thanks to the vast amounts of lands and the large open spaces, farmers are able to achieve ideal stocking densities that are typically not possible in other areas. Farmers have only a few animals in a large piece of land which creates vast open spaces and allows animals to grow in relatively natural conditions which are as stress-free as possible.

The organic pork producers?in Wales have great confidence in their skills to rear the best and finest pork in the UK thanks to their skills which have been passed down the generations. Consumers that buy Welsh pork are thus assured of the best pork quality which is also quite healthy and chemical-free.

Pork Rearing Skills Passed Down the Generations

When you buy Welsh pork that have been reared traditionally by skilled and certified producers, you will be buying products that have been reared under a strict production code that has been passed down the family traditions. The animals do not go through accelerated growth. Instead, they grow slowly and naturally just as they are supposed to be. The open spaces limit overcrowding and that means the animals are allowed to grow under stress-free conditions.

The result is sweet tasting pork for healthy pork recipes and that is also healthy. Happy and healthy animals reared and less stressful conditions generally produce products that are healthy and sweet. That is true not just for pork but also for beef and poultry meat. Farmers that achieve this kind of produce and breed quality generally follow certain guidelines that have been used even by their forefathers. The pigs must also be pedigree in order to guarantee the best pork cuts.

Fewer Chemicals and Antibiotics

With organic pig farming, the use of chemicals is also minimized along with the use of antibiotics in the animals. In the recent years, there has been the concern over antibiotic resistance in humans due to the indiscriminate use of antibiotics by some big farmers in the rearing techniques and the fact some of these pigs are slaughtered even when there are still traces of antibiotic and chemical residues in their body. With the Welsh pork, you do not have to worry about that risk.

Distinctive Colour and Flavour

The traditional rearing practices employed by Welsh producers means that you can easily identify the Welsh pork with their distinctive darker colour as well as pink and rose-coloured flesh. The flavour of the pork is also delicate and succulent. It has higher fat levels which make it quite tender especially if you use it for the pulled pork recipes. It is always said that if you taste the Welsh pork once, you will always ask for more.

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