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Cell Site Leasing: a Crash Course

If you are looking for ways to earn extra cash and you happen to have an unused piece of land, then, you should consider cell site leases. A lot of people have already made a lot of money because (granted that made a good deal) of it and you should definitely try it. This article will tell you what is it and why you should venture this business path. So, read on!

What is cell site leasing?

Cell site leases are defined as a lease agreement between a telecommunications company and a land owner. The terms usually vary depending on the deal. This usually includes?the length of time, the payment mode and the area of the land that the telecommunications company can utilize for their cell towers. A new cell tower lease can cost up to more than a million dollars if the deal is well made (and you are not ripped off by the cell site firm that you hired). With that being said, there is so much money to be earned in this industry.

Why should I engage myself in cell site leasing?

As mentioned above, there is so much money to be earned in this business venture. Unlike most businesses that require you a lot of money before you can put up one, cell site leases only require one thing: a piece of land that telecommunications companies can lease. In addition to that, if you and the telecommunications company want to extend the partnership, you can always propose a cell tower lease extension so that the money keeps on flowing.

Another advantage that it has over other businesses is that it requires minimal to no effort at all. You just have to wait for the telecom company to pay for the rent. Then boom, instant profit.

Types of leases

There are two known types of cell site leases that are known in the telecommunications industry. The first one is the rooftop lease. This basically means that the cell site is placed on top of a building. This is more common in cities wherein spaces and land are much lesser. The second one is called the ground lease. It stands for what it is; a lease that is made on the ground. Cell towers are erected on a piece of land, usually, with the equipment that is required to transmit wireless signal. These towers are used for internet (wireless broadband services: 3g, 4g and 5g), telephone wires (dsl) and sometimes power lines.

Things to remember

Always remember that this is your land that we are talking about here. The telecommunications company that you are dealing with should not violate the contract that you have agreed on. This means that they should only use the land for cell sites and towers only. Anything that goes extra is a violation of your deal which you can use for a possible ground for a lawsuit. Another thing to remember is to choose a good cell site lease consultancy firm because they will help you come up with a good deal if you make the right choice. Lastly, take note of cell tower lease market rents because this will help you come up with a good deal.

Why Should Someone Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

As soon as someone is charged with a criminal offense, it is imperative to seek the services of a defence lawyer. Most people are fond of trying to defend themselves until the case gets a little complicated for their liking. It is almost suicidal to wait until the matter gets out of hand before calling in a professional. A competent defence lawyer is instrumental in ensuring that instead of a jail sentence, there may be a dismissal or even a reduced plea. When in need of the services of a defence lawyer Perth has at the moment, ensure the man or woman of the bar is in a position to make a favorable bargain on a clients behalf.

defence lawyer perth

Getting charged with a crime should get someone really thinking. Apart from a jail sentence that may be long, leading to loss of freedom and relationships, an individual could also have to contend with a criminal record that may lead to denial of employment. After all, which employer will be comfortable with someone who has a criminal record? To limit these risks, there is all the reason to employ the services of a lawyer as soon as an individual has been called to answer certain criminal charges. When looking for a defence lawyer Perth has currently, be sure the person is in a position to defend a client effectively.

Although most people ignore the advice to hire the best defence lawyer Perth has as soon as they have a case in court, it is necessary to have a lawyer immediately for the following reasons:

  1. Lawyers help clients understand the nature of charges brought against them?– A layperson is not in a position to understand the language of lawyers. Unless someone is limited by resources, it pays to hire a lawyer to simplify the terminologies used in court. While hiring, therefore, ensure the best defence lawyer Perth has at the moment is in a position to sufficiently explain everything to a clients satisfaction.
  2. Information about available defences –?By hiring a defence lawyer, a litigant expects to be given information even if it is not too encouraging. An effective attorney will work together with a client to bring in witnesses who will help lessen the case filed against them.
  3. Information about the plea bargains available?– A good attorney should be in a position to help reduce the preferred charges to a lesser offense. If one is to be convicted because of the overbearing evidence brought forth, an attorney who fights to reduce the severity of the crime is the one to go for.
  4. Explain whatever is expected after trial or conviction?– Not all court cases can go as an attorney expects. In case a client is sent to jail, a lawyer should give a client the next course of action. For example, the ruling can be appealed and the attorney to look for fresh evidence to have a client either acquitted or a lesser sentence meted out.

There are so many reasons to hire a lawyer. Perth residents in need of representation could find out what Andrew Williams Defence Lawyers have been doing for their clients since they opened their doors to the public. Visit today!

What Do You Need Commercial Property Managers For?

The decision to invest in a commercial property is a huge investment on your end. It is no secret that buying a commercial property is more expensive than a residential property. It does not matter what you intend to do with the property in question, you are going to generate income from it sooner or later. Hence, it might be a good idea to consider the services of commercial property management companies. With this type of realty service, you can vastly improve the value of your property and its earning potential.
What is Commercial Property Management?
The most common perception about the services provided by commercial property managers is often limited to tenant relations. You want to make sure that you have tenants or your property is not generating you profits. Moreover, you want to keep our tenants happy to maintain the cash flow. But this is only one aspect of the broad scope of this type of service and also one of the most crucial factors to property management success.
Another aspect to commercial property management is to oversee the property to keep it attractive to existing and potential clients. They will be responsible at overseeing the maintenance of the building or property. Are there any parts that are in need of repair? Is there a need for upgrade? These are small matters that might be overlooked by the owner, especially when you have plenty of commercial properties. It is a small compromise to ensure that you can keep your property in the best shape possible.
Finally, property managers on your commercial property can also help with the budgeting aspect. They can help organize the budget scheme for the operational cost of the property. From maintenance, to repairs, to improving security features, they can help you build an efficient strategy to suit your budget without compromising needs.
Benefits of Commercial Property Management
Based on the role of a commercial property manager, there are several benefits you can enjoy with their services. One example is the reduced level of stress on your part, the owner. On the surface, owning and managing a commercial property is rather straightforward. But in between handling tenant complaints, fixing repairs and doing upgrades, the stress could build up easily. But when you hire someone whose sole responsibility is to look after your property, there is nothing to be stressed about.
Another reason why you can benefit from their services is the fact that these are experts. Even though you might own several commercial properties, these are professionals who have spent years analyzing and studying how to maximize profits with commercial properties. They know something that you dont. You can therefore tap into that expertise to keep your tenants happy and project your commercial property as a desirable option for clients. You have to consider that your property is not merely presenting itself to the clients; you have to compete with several other properties as well!
These are just among the top reasons to hire commercial property managers. For those who have experienced handling commercial properties in the past, you know how difficult it can be to oversee a commercial property. And this is why property managers are on hand to offer their services.