Cell Site Leasing: a Crash Course

If you are looking for ways to earn extra cash and you happen to have an unused piece of land, then, you should consider cell site leases. A lot of people have already made a lot of money because (granted that made a good deal) of it and you should definitely try it. This article will tell you what is it and why you should venture this business path. So, read on!

What is cell site leasing?

Cell site leases are defined as a lease agreement between a telecommunications company and a land owner. The terms usually vary depending on the deal. This usually includes?the length of time, the payment mode and the area of the land that the telecommunications company can utilize for their cell towers. A new cell tower lease can cost up to more than a million dollars if the deal is well made (and you are not ripped off by the cell site firm that you hired). With that being said, there is so much money to be earned in this industry.

Why should I engage myself in cell site leasing?

As mentioned above, there is so much money to be earned in this business venture. Unlike most businesses that require you a lot of money before you can put up one, cell site leases only require one thing: a piece of land that telecommunications companies can lease. In addition to that, if you and the telecommunications company want to extend the partnership, you can always propose a cell tower lease extension so that the money keeps on flowing.

Another advantage that it has over other businesses is that it requires minimal to no effort at all. You just have to wait for the telecom company to pay for the rent. Then boom, instant profit.

Types of leases

There are two known types of cell site leases that are known in the telecommunications industry. The first one is the rooftop lease. This basically means that the cell site is placed on top of a building. This is more common in cities wherein spaces and land are much lesser. The second one is called the ground lease. It stands for what it is; a lease that is made on the ground. Cell towers are erected on a piece of land, usually, with the equipment that is required to transmit wireless signal. These towers are used for internet (wireless broadband services: 3g, 4g and 5g), telephone wires (dsl) and sometimes power lines.

Things to remember

Always remember that this is your land that we are talking about here. The telecommunications company that you are dealing with should not violate the contract that you have agreed on. This means that they should only use the land for cell sites and towers only. Anything that goes extra is a violation of your deal which you can use for a possible ground for a lawsuit. Another thing to remember is to choose a good cell site lease consultancy firm because they will help you come up with a good deal if you make the right choice. Lastly, take note of cell tower lease market rents because this will help you come up with a good deal.

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