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Cell Site Leasing: a Crash Course

If you are looking for ways to earn extra cash and you happen to have an unused piece of land, then, you should consider cell site leases. A lot of people have already made a lot of money because (granted that made a good deal) of it and you should definitely try it. This article will tell you what is it and why you should venture this business path. So, read on!

What is cell site leasing?

Cell site leases are defined as a lease agreement between a telecommunications company and a land owner. The terms usually vary depending on the deal. This usually includes?the length of time, the payment mode and the area of the land that the telecommunications company can utilize for their cell towers. A new cell tower lease can cost up to more than a million dollars if the deal is well made (and you are not ripped off by the cell site firm that you hired). With that being said, there is so much money to be earned in this industry.

Why should I engage myself in cell site leasing?

As mentioned above, there is so much money to be earned in this business venture. Unlike most businesses that require you a lot of money before you can put up one, cell site leases only require one thing: a piece of land that telecommunications companies can lease. In addition to that, if you and the telecommunications company want to extend the partnership, you can always propose a cell tower lease extension so that the money keeps on flowing.

Another advantage that it has over other businesses is that it requires minimal to no effort at all. You just have to wait for the telecom company to pay for the rent. Then boom, instant profit.

Types of leases

There are two known types of cell site leases that are known in the telecommunications industry. The first one is the rooftop lease. This basically means that the cell site is placed on top of a building. This is more common in cities wherein spaces and land are much lesser. The second one is called the ground lease. It stands for what it is; a lease that is made on the ground. Cell towers are erected on a piece of land, usually, with the equipment that is required to transmit wireless signal. These towers are used for internet (wireless broadband services: 3g, 4g and 5g), telephone wires (dsl) and sometimes power lines.

Things to remember

Always remember that this is your land that we are talking about here. The telecommunications company that you are dealing with should not violate the contract that you have agreed on. This means that they should only use the land for cell sites and towers only. Anything that goes extra is a violation of your deal which you can use for a possible ground for a lawsuit. Another thing to remember is to choose a good cell site lease consultancy firm because they will help you come up with a good deal if you make the right choice. Lastly, take note of cell tower lease market rents because this will help you come up with a good deal.

What Do You Need Commercial Property Managers For?

The decision to invest in a commercial property is a huge investment on your end. It is no secret that buying a commercial property is more expensive than a residential property. It does not matter what you intend to do with the property in question, you are going to generate income from it sooner or later. Hence, it might be a good idea to consider the services of commercial property management companies. With this type of realty service, you can vastly improve the value of your property and its earning potential.
What is Commercial Property Management?
The most common perception about the services provided by commercial property managers is often limited to tenant relations. You want to make sure that you have tenants or your property is not generating you profits. Moreover, you want to keep our tenants happy to maintain the cash flow. But this is only one aspect of the broad scope of this type of service and also one of the most crucial factors to property management success.
Another aspect to commercial property management is to oversee the property to keep it attractive to existing and potential clients. They will be responsible at overseeing the maintenance of the building or property. Are there any parts that are in need of repair? Is there a need for upgrade? These are small matters that might be overlooked by the owner, especially when you have plenty of commercial properties. It is a small compromise to ensure that you can keep your property in the best shape possible.
Finally, property managers on your commercial property can also help with the budgeting aspect. They can help organize the budget scheme for the operational cost of the property. From maintenance, to repairs, to improving security features, they can help you build an efficient strategy to suit your budget without compromising needs.
Benefits of Commercial Property Management
Based on the role of a commercial property manager, there are several benefits you can enjoy with their services. One example is the reduced level of stress on your part, the owner. On the surface, owning and managing a commercial property is rather straightforward. But in between handling tenant complaints, fixing repairs and doing upgrades, the stress could build up easily. But when you hire someone whose sole responsibility is to look after your property, there is nothing to be stressed about.
Another reason why you can benefit from their services is the fact that these are experts. Even though you might own several commercial properties, these are professionals who have spent years analyzing and studying how to maximize profits with commercial properties. They know something that you dont. You can therefore tap into that expertise to keep your tenants happy and project your commercial property as a desirable option for clients. You have to consider that your property is not merely presenting itself to the clients; you have to compete with several other properties as well!
These are just among the top reasons to hire commercial property managers. For those who have experienced handling commercial properties in the past, you know how difficult it can be to oversee a commercial property. And this is why property managers are on hand to offer their services.

Wooden Watches for Men ? Beauty and functionality

Wood is a naturally-occurring material and if a watch strap can be made with it, the wearer could get a feeling of wearing a part of nature on his wrist. If the wood for this is drawn from wood that is reprocessed, it also serves to help the environment. This is because no trees would be cut to make these wooden watches. However, one does not admire a watch, just because it is made with wood, but a mens wooden watch really looks nice and pleasant aesthetically.

mens wooden watch

Watches in Different Colors and Designs

When we look at a typical wooden watch, we can see that the dial looks no different from any watch, with a black or a color dial that matches the color of the wood. The wooden straps color also varies from a very light cream to dark brown and even black color. The best wood watches have better quality dials and movements and almost take the form of a jewel. There are also gift ideas of the watches and can be purchased with a box, which is also made from wooden material.

In terms of the varieties of mens wooden watch, there are small, medium and large-sized watches. It is a question of the choice of the individuals. Some like to wear large watches on the wrist, some dont. Next the shape of the dial, like any conventional watch can be around, square or rectangular even.

It is in the type of wood that the varieties really stand out. Ordinary people may not know these varieties or the names they are called by. Some are known by the color, like beige, brown and chocolate and others by the wood, like teak.

Some Innovations in the New Arrivals

The manufacturers of wooden watches keep launching new models and styles, especially when the festival shopping is at its peak. The new wooden watches have a few innovative ideas, like matching leather straps and so on. The color of the strap in most cases matches the dial. Some newest wood watches have dual time displays and other features also. Nowadays, there are watches, which are termed unisex in the sense that a mens wooden watch can also be worn by women.

Craftsmanship is Also Equally Impressive

As mentioned, these watches with wooden dials and straps, made of wood or other, material look beautiful. Many of them appear pieces of art besides being a functional machine. With the types, shapes and models available across the board, the choices and tastes of a large part of the public get met. The watches are also great ideas for gifting. It has become a kind of fashion to gift things related to nature. The person receiving the gift will also be appreciative of the idea. Many corporate organizations believe in distributing complements to their customers. They could choose these watches made with wooden material.

Lastly, these watches also come with a normal warranty of up to 2 years and this is as good as it gets. So browse through the site, choose the color and dial you like and order. It would be like any online purchase.

4 factors to consider before choosing a Graphics and Web Designing company

One of the biggest contributors to the success of your business is some good graphics and web designs. This is because they build a mental picture of what type of services to expect from the business. Having an identity that makes you look smart and focused is created by good graphics. An example of a company that will ensure you have good graphics is the Juno creative - web design Brisbane has today. Such a company ensures that you resonate and reflect on your values in relationship to the audience. Good graphics have a role of influencing your target audience. Whether it is a business logo or website photos that you need, a graphic designer should be fit for the job.

Graphic designers are usually attached to certain companies. Most of the companies like Juno creative – web design Brisbane has today are based on online sites. When you are deciding on the best company to hire for your web design and graphic works you need to look out for a competent company. How do you determine which company to hire? How do you check on a good company like Juno creative – web design Brisbane has to offer? When choosing such a company, you must consider the factors below.

Juno Creative - Web Design Brisbane

Juno Creative – Web Design Brisbane

Great portfolio

One of the main aspects of a great graphics and web designing company is a great portfolio. When you get to visit most of the design companys websites, you can easily tell the quality of their work by just observing their previous works. While you can also check that information of previous works from friends, visiting the companys website is quite cheap and easy.

Great experience

Experience in graphics and web designs is quite important. The more a designing company has dealt with customers, the company becomes an expert in whatever project that it is provided with. Therefore great experience period assures you of quality work from the designer in mind. A designing company with a long period of experience knows what is needed in the market and the specific graphics for specific designers.

Reasonable price

You cannot avoid taking price into consideration. Price is an important factor in any relationship between a designing company and a customer. This happens when you want to save some money. You do not want to pay too much for something that requires little payment. You should therefore have a mental figure of the amount charged by the different designing companies. Having a market price range is quite important. You should note that not all cheaply charging companies are the best. Ion graphics world, you get what you pay for.

Good customer services

The best graphic designing company is the one which values your specifications, opinions and desires on the project that you are paying for. Some designers go ahead to add up their own tastes on the project they have been assigned with. This can turn out to be the complete opposite of what the client wanted.? A designing company should respect your choice of design.

Graphic and web designing companies come in a large variety and so do their results. Choosing the best designing company is a step closer to getting great results. Visit? for more info.

Timeless Chair Designs for Vintage and Contemporary Interior

A series 7 chair is a modern design classic of the 1950s. Along with the Eames chairs, this chair carries forward the modernist movement of the Bauhaus and Miles Van der Rohe into the post-war period. The emphasis was on function. Form follows function and more with less were the two guiding principals of this movement. This chair was designed by Arne Jacobson, a Danish architect and designer.

Like Charles and Eames from America, Arne Jacobon was interested in using modern materials such as plywood in furniture design. This series 7 chair came about through a new process of forming plywood in three dimensions. But it was something quite separate that also help catapult this series 7 chair into major prominence as a design icon. Christina Keeler, a lady of a certain background posing naked on a series 7 chair in 1963. She was part of the Profumo Affairthat lead to the end of the then Conservative Government of Harold Macmillan. This image helped to kick start the swinging 60’s in the UK.

Series 7 Chairs on Offer

There are a number of series 7 chairs available. Looking at one version in particular:

  • Blue Series 7 Chair: This keeps the butterfly design of the 3107 chair in blue. As with the original, this is made from one piece of molded plywood. The four legs are made from chromed metal with four rubber bungs at each end in order to protect floors. An added feature to the general ergonomic design of this chair is that they are easily stackable.

All in all, there are up to 16 different colours available for each of these series 7 chairs, including brown leather and grey.

Vintage Barcelona Chair

With a Vintage Barcelona chair, you are going back to the roots of the modernist movement. This chair was designed by the great modernist architect and designer Miles van der Rohe and Lilly Reich, a specialist in textiles. The chair was first exhibited at the Barcelona International Exposition of 1929.

The original legs were lap jointed together then bolted, but it was redesigned in 1950. The legs were then made from welded stainless steel which resulted in a very smooth end result. Bovine leather replaced pigskin. Again, this chair is a blend of the developments in material technology and minimalist design. There are two Barcelona Chairs on offer. One in black leather and the other in Cognac Brown Leather.

Another interesting point is that modern post-war designs and manufacturing are based around mass production techniques, not craft based. Therefore, in the original chair the leather straps were needed to support the chair structure whereas now they are an aid to comfort.

Tolix Stool

The origins of the Tolix Stool go back to 1934. Again this has a lot to do with developments in material technology. Xavier Pauchard from France?pioneered the use of galvanising metals. He set up Tolix in 1927 and went on to develop a range of robust, rust proof, stackable and very functional furniture items.

There is also a Tolix stool in silver available in the market today. This is produced using a high grade of sheet steel and is light weight. It is lacquered producing a gloss finish that adds to its overall aesthetic quality.

All these design classics are as relevant now as they were when they were first produced. Visit? for more details on various vintage chairs available at affordable rates.

Professional Printer and Photocopier Repairs Services in Sydney with GOM

One of the biggest names when it comes to professional printer repairs and servicing in Sydney is Global Office Machines or GOM. The 100% Australian owned company was established in 1996 and has since cut a niche in the Australian market as one of the most professional and reliable providers of printer repairs and photocopier repairs services in Sydney. With its highly trained technicians and its wide network of reliable and top-notch equipment suppliers, the company has a built an excellent reputation as one of the most trusted provides of office machines repairs and maintenance services.

The GOM has highly trained technicians who have undergone extensive training in carrying out efficient printer repairs. The customer care service that is provided by the company is also of the highest quality. By repairing printers via Global Office Machines’ services, you can look forward to excellent delivery with great uptimes. The printers services by the company are provided with great professionalism and dedication. It is no wonder that GOM now works with some of the biggest brands and corporate names in Sydney, helping them put their machines in order while minimizing losses and downtimes.


Apart from the printers repairs Sydney services, the company also services many other office machines. These include the following:

  • Photocopiers
  • Facsimile machines
  • Plotters
  • Various multifunction devices

Global Office Machines is thus able to meet all of your office machine repair needs. By using GOM’s services, you will not only benefit from the top notch repair and maintenance services for your office machines. You will also be able to procure genuine OEM parts from the manufacturers such as print heads, genuine and compatible toners, drums, inks and plotter papers. All these will be delivered right at your premises thus adding to the convenience of doing business. The best thing is that you can get these at highly competitive prices and also benefit from very generous maintenance contracts.

The GOM Advantage

There are many advantages that you will derive by making use of Global Office Machines’ services. You will be served by a team who displays an unwavering dedication to top quality and professional service. When you contract this service vendor for your office machine needs, satisfaction is guaranteed.

The technicians at the company have gone through a very rigorous training process for the best service delivery. Whatever your office machines models or brands, these technicians know its ins and outs and can therefore perform quick troubleshooting in order to unlock solutions. With the Global Office Machines technicians, you will not worry about those long and crushing downtimes which could kill productivity and spirit in the corporate setting.

The other advantage that the company offers businesses in Sydney is that it offers a flat-rate pricing instead of an hourly rate which is often costly and marred with disputes. This also allows you to closely monitor and manage your costs. This flat call out rate is constant irrespective of the time that the technicians will have spent on your premises. You can sample additional information about the companys office machine repairs and maintenances services at

Qualities to Look For in a Good Leicester Web Design Company

In order to succeed in Leicesters competitive market, you need to establish the best brand experience for your clients. With the great wave of technology, mobile and social web have provided consumers with a faster and easier way of buying products and services. This leaves you with the task of searching for the right Leicester web design company to deliver your message to your potential clients. A user friendly and powerful web design plays a major role in the progress of your business. Its easy to find a web designer in Leicester; they are quite numerous. But, finding a quality Leicester web design company is not an easy task; it requires a lot of time and effort. You do not want to hire a company that does not produce quality work or meet deadlines. There are certain qualities expected in a qualified web design company; you should look for them as you do your selection. These qualities are discussed below:

Leicester web design

Leicester web design


It is advisable to select an established Leicester web design company. This will guarantee you high quality websites that will put on the edge in the industry. You ought to look for a company with professional and experienced staff. This is critical as these are the people who will be directly responsible for the style and design of your website. Do they have the capacity to fulfill all your needs and aspirations? If you want to maximize on the benefits of internet marketing, look for a company with expertise in developing magento ecommerce platforms. Such platforms will enable you to sell more products, attract more customers and make more money.

Excellent history

Essentially, a reputable web design company should have a superb history in designing business websites. They need to have a large portfolio of past achievements and be willing to provide you with the evidence. Former customers will truthfully attest to the skills and professionalism of the company. You can obtain this information from testimonials in the companys website or by calling past customers. You might also need to find out the period of time the company has been in business. Choose a company that has been functioning for a significant time frame. You can be sure of satisfactory services from such a company.

Good knowledge in web technology and the internet

?It is important to note that not all web designers have good knowledge in web and internet technologies. You do not want to waste your money and time on someone who will eventually produce a website that is not effective. Do they understand the practices and tools in the field of web design? Website designers Leicester best should be well versed with designing layouts in CSS, maintaining websites, coding in HTML, developing graphics for the web and working with multimedia.

Good listener and respectful

It is fundamental for a web designer to have good listening skills. A reputable web design company will spare enough time to listen to all your needs. This will enable them to design the exact website that you need. They should integrate your ideas into the final design. If your ideas are not appropriate, a good web designer should discuss with you respectfully and advise you on the best options.

Charity Marketing: What to Expect

Charity marketing is the promotional activities implementation carried out to underpin a cause, or licensing a contract with a non-profit organisation. An excellent example is the utilisation of a name or logo to symbolise the charity activity being done.? A fundamental principle of charity marketing is choosing the correct markets for its services, campaigns or fundraising messages. In most cases, charity marketing has at least three target populations:

charity marketing

charity marketing

  • Potential volunteers
  • Consumers
  • Prospective donors

Success is achieved through marketing plans that indicate how the organisation will appeal to its target group. The elements included are:

  • Objectives
  • Goal statement
  • Marketing tactics
  • Budget
  • Action plan
  • Strategies
  • Monitoring

Church fundraising ideas
Church fundraising has been in existence for a long time and is popular for playing the role of family and community get together. People socialise and know more about each other as well as display different talents for entertainment. All in all a successful fundraising is an excellent way of strengthening a persons community and faith. Some church fundraising ideas include:

  • Crafts for sale
  • Fun games for children
  • Food for sale
  • Church cookbooks
  • Car donations
  • Christmas Cards
  • Brick fundraising
  • Candle fundraising
  • Angel Festival

Best fundraising ideas
In todays world, fundraising has developed beyond the established strategies and more creativity can assist an organisation to increase money for its cause. It is therefore important to have fun and maintain the original corporate image, as well as be passionate about activities, to engage donors who have the same feeling. The best fundraising ideas consist of:

  • Special occasions; for instance, wedding ceremonies and birthday celebrations.
  • Start the bidding like a silent auction, hired hand for a day, Ebay auction and?bachelor/bachelorette auction.
  • Just for fun, for example toonie drive, ugly dog contest, jail and bail, bad hair day.
  • At the office where activities such as dress gown days, pizza lunch, coffee clutch day and vendor auction are a success.
  • Holiday fun, for example Valentine day, Groundhog Day and family day.
  • Sales, such as garage sale, seed drive, and etsy sales.
  • Food including snack stall, pancake breakfast, popcorn sale and lemonade stand.
  • An example of an idea of the host with the most examples includes guys night out, gold party, girls night in and fashion show.
  • Sports and tournaments, for instance, three-on-three basketball, poker, mini-Golf, and board game tournament.
  • At your service that involves organising a gift wrap, dog wash, car wash, and photo scanning.
  • Talent spotlight that involves talent shows, art show, the battle of the bands, and dance-a-thon.

Charity agencies

Charity agencies conduct their operations as outlined in regulations and law.?These charity organisations obtain finances through donations, fundraising activities, investment of the money obtained through grants, fees charged for services offered.?The donors expectations are safeguarded by the law that directs the organisations for charity to utilise the contributions only the purpose it was raised. Consequently, an organisation running for the purpose of charity, does not own property, rather it holds properties to use for specific reasons. This form of ownership by holding money for community motive is known as a charity trust.