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A Guide to Business Insurance Types You Should Own

In this day and age, finding the right insurance to cover for your business needs is crucial. It is an important step in protecting your assets and investments while fostering growth in your business. A quality business insurance broker should be able to point you towards the right insurance coverage to keep you protected. However, there are several types of business insurance to choose from ? how do you choose?
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Take note of the guide to the important types of business insurance that any business owner should look into:
General Liability Insurance
Any type of business (whether home based or not) should obtain a general liability insurance. It will provide protection to you, your business, or your employees in the event of damage or injury caused by your products and/or services to a third party (such as a customer).
Property Insurance
This type of insurance is somewhat similar to the general liability insurance wherein damage or loss is caused by your business and its products or services. However, instead of causing damage towards a person, it can be a damage towards personal or public property.
Workers Compensation Insurance
This is another common type of insurance policy that a business insurance broker should inform you about. It provides medical benefits and compensation for your employees whenever they are injured on the job. Obtaining this type of insurance will also save you from legal complications, should your employee seek financial and medical support from your business.
Professional Liability Insurance
This type of insurance is highly recommended for businesses involving professional or skilled services such as dental clinics, hair salons, accounting firms, etc. In case of damage or losses caused by your professional service, the insurance will offer you protection against those damages and losses.
Renters Insurance
This is a sub-set type of insurance that is crucial for businesses that are renting a commercial space. This insurance coverage serves to protect you from damage or costs incurred within the rented property as a direct result of your business operation. This insurance policy can cover losses due to fire, or other forms of damage to the building.
Data Breach
If your business deals with personal and confidential information, you must obtain this insurance policy. It is designed to punish and penalize anyone involved in your business who leaks out sensitive or confidential information to the public. It will also protect your business from any losses suffered due to the information leak out.
Commercial Auto Insurance
If you own a commercial vehicle for transporting goods, items and/or your employees as part of your business operation, commercial auto insurance will protect you from damage resulting to any accidents. It will also cover the medical benefits for your employees if in case they suffer from any injuries from the accident involving your commercial vehicle.
The best business insurance broker should be able to take into account the type of business you have and match that with the level of protection desired. At Oracle Group Insurance Services, you can get a broker to align your needs with a corresponding insurance to rid your worries of any major losses for your business. To learn more about Oracle Group Services, visit their website at